Cutting Edge Technology at Alliance Petroleum Interests

Cutting Edge Technology at Alliance Petroleum Interests

Alliance Petroleum Interests, a privately owned oil and gas company that partners with major operators to utilize the latest in drilling and completion technology to increase the production potential of each well they drill. Alliance Petroleum Interests explores, develops, and targets prolific oil and gas reserves primarily located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado. They are actively acquiring acreage in these areas with plans to continue their expansion. Alliance Petroleum Interests always seeks to ensure that all geological and financial elements of a prospect meet their stringent criteria for improving the likelihood of success on each and every project.

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Alliance Petroleum is currently focusing on shallow developmental drilling. Although 2016 has just begun, Alliance Petroleum Interests has kicked off quite strong. With their recent four well development project that broke ground in the beginning of January, and the results so far, they have slated out several more wells to drill. For the progressive development of the business and return on investment, it is necessary to drill as many wells as possible this year while the cost to drill stays low. Because of the aggressive ramp up on drilling projections, Alliance Petroleum Interests is seeking to expand their investor network. President, Taylor Stilovich and CEO, Tara Simpson have targeted to drill as many as 20 wells by the end of the year.

The current focus is a staged program in South Texas with low risk, low cost, consistent production. Alliance Petroleum Interests is accepting enquiries from interested parties who would like understand more about whether this type of investment meshes well with their current investment portfolio.

How we work?

alliance petroleum interestsAt Alliance Petroleum Interests, the focus is placed on state of art drilling and completion technology that has high proficiency and increases accuracy in the field. This is a very crucial aspect of the business. Alliance Petroleum Interests also actively participates in each program that is rolled out. They employ petroleum engineering experts for evaluating which well locations and recovery mechanisms are appropriate for a reservoir and for estimating recovery rates and oil reserves prior to actual extraction.

Once the capital has been committed, we schedule rigs for the drilling process. During the drilling process, our partners have access to all drilling reports, analysis and updates through several channels including our website’s Partner Portal. Once the wells are drilled and tested, the determination is made as to whether or not the well has production potential. Assuming is does, the well or wells are completed. Under the leadership of Taylor Stilovich and Tara Simpson, Alliance Petroleum Interests strives to continuously foster a professional and transparent relationship with all.

Why you should explore this opportunity?

A single well can generate many times its costs if drillers strike oil, and the well can pay revenue for many years. As with any investment, the sound principle is diversification. For that reason, Alliance puts together multiple development projects and recommends as much diversification as a partner can reasonably do. There are also tax advantages when investing in oil and gas. For instance, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows companies to deduct for depletion – an allowance similar to that for depreciation in rental real estate, which is a way of accounting for the gradual exhaustion of mineral supplies in a given plot of land invested on.

Investment Benefits:

  • High monthly cash flow potential
  • Great tax incentives up to 100% potential write off
  • Help US become truly energy independent
  • Drilling now as opposed to waiting, involved a tremendous discount on drilling costs

The oil market provides a diverse array of options for the potential investor. Whether you are a first time investor or a big market player; the simple way is to get paid for each barrel of oil. This can me accomplished through direct participation as opposed to oil stocks, which assume a company’s assets and liabilities along with public perception. Alliance Petroleum Interests stands shoulder to shoulder with all our investors to ensure each project has the highest potential to realize success.

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